Neeltje Jans – or how Holland recovers after calamities

De Deltawerken - Neeltje JansEvery nation has a calamity that makes even later generations mumble with fear and cold admiration. Fear for the hazard and admiration for the restorers and for the overall bounce back phenomenon, which inevitably happens after this type of events. The Dutch people have Watersnoodramp (“water ordeal disaster”) – The 1953 North Sea flood. Read More

Mountain biking challenge


Muddy Bikes

Every time when I get a new hobby, there is a sort of excitement which doesn’t let me sleep. Last night, I was trying to fall asleep – turning and twisting, like clothes in a washing machine, still hyped with the adrenaline, from yesterday’s mountain bike trail. Even if  my body was so tired, my brain was still trying to give commands: brake!, avoid the tree roots! climb the hill, don’t get stuck in the mud puddle! Read More