Update on the latest events: Valfrejus


Life has been hectic lately. In March I started a new job and I put on hold my freelancing activities – together with my blogging a photography activities. Now, while crossing country in a train from Stockholm to Goteborg, it’s literally the first time when I got time to get back to my writing.

Don’t get me wrong, with my newest job, I write all day long, but not my kind of stories. So here we are, back on track with my latest photo adventure, that happened in the first week of March – Snowboarding in Valfrejus.

For snowboard fanatics, the black and red tracks are pretty nice, for intermediate snowboarders like me, there is not so much fun in Valfrejus. There is a 10 km piste/track called JEU (Game), which goes nicely through the forest, from the top of the mountain towards the valley, ending exactly at the vase of the mountain, in the middle of Valfrejus.

However, after a few days of snowboarding in Valfrejus you will end up bored, because there is not so much to do. Compared with other mountain resorts, like Val Thorens, for example, Valfrejus is extremely small, with not so much variety in restaurants and bars and with very narrow tracks. The highest peak that can be used for snowboarding has a very dangerous set-up: it looks like a bridge with no fences, having big, rocky valleys in both sides. I would recommend not to take that track on a foggy or windy day. We had the uninspired idea to do that, and is the scariest experience ever, especially if is the first time being there, as you get no sense of space. When we took the same track, the next sunny day, then I realized how scary it was.

The only good things about this experience was the fact that I burned around 2000 calories / every session of snowboarding (3h), which is pretty intensive; our hotel had an awesome outdoor pool – which was like a blessing after a tiresome snowboarding day and I OD-ed in pain aux raisin – an extremely delicious breakfast pastries, that French people nail (don’t try to each the Dutch equivalent, called Koffie brood).

Well, in a nutshell, this was the Valfrejus trip, from French Savoie  region – a bit disappointing, but quite good training for sport-oriented people.


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Mountain biking challenge


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