Beaudelaire would be so proud of me now. I feel sometimes a tense, lingering attraction towards granulation, rawness and various wet forms of life.

It’s like I know that people don’t want to see only perfection and beauty. Honestly, people want the truth. They want to see how life is – through other people’s binoculars, like some silenced witnesses, rather that living the disappointment or the pain of the facts.

They want to be told that life is cruel, but whilst they are consuming their steaming supper, in the warmth and comfort of their homes. They need to feel protected, but bad things still need to happen -to other people, otherwise the Universe isn’t quite balanced, you see?

Otherwise how can you explain so many people are watching the violent news about crimes and accidents? They think the news are dreadful and unfair, but still watch them on and on, day by day. There is an inherent thirst for truth, counter-balanced by the human thirst of security. Where am I heading of with this, you ask yourself?

During my walk in the forest I saw a dead mouse. And I doubted if I should take a photo of it. I thought that people might be disgusted, might think that I am crazy, but then I realized. Hey, this is the chain of life. His molecules will feed the roots of the trees and there is nothing more beautiful than LIFE. Even if it’s disguised in death. Have a great weekend, folks!

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