Amusement Park with Dutchies

Jungle River Drievliet

Who doesn’t like amusement parks? Kids laughing, carousels spinning, roller coasters echoing of excitement, go-karts and sugar rush. At the end of the day, after so much horsing around with the kids and riding all the park attractions, you just drop dead-tired, with a smile on the ice-cream smeared face.

This Sunday, we visited Drievliet Family Park, with our friends and their two kittenish toddlers. We had so much fun sharing the joy of the kids, their excitement and their curiosity. In the end, we are all kids.

If you remember, Tim and Mark were the stars or other previous posts on Laura Dragulin – Photo Stories. We celebrated together Children’s day, playing with water and we showed the whole world why dutchies are the happiest kids in the world. 

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