Play date with Dutchies: The happiest kids in the world


It was this big

The happiest kids in the world are the Dutch ones. The blond or red-head, blue eyed little humans are taken very seriously, along with their needs and ideas.

They are given credit, considered significant, but not spoiled-brat, center of the Universe kind of significant, but more like and encouraged to grow in their own terms. All talents and aptitudes are supported, all ideas are welcomed. Nobody is criticized or bullied, everybody is loved. Besides that, they can eat chocolate sprinkles for breakfast. How cool is that?

The happiest kids in the world are the Dutch ones. I am not saying it just because I see them every day all happy and flushed, speeding on their little bikes or helping their parents to do groceries with their miniature groceries cart. I say it because I believe UNICEF and because, in the future, I picture myself having children of my own in this country.

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