For the love of S.H.O.E.S. (2)

Vivienne Westwood, Court shoes, 1993

Last Friday, Amsterdam. 20+ degrees, blossoming trees everywhere, perfect day for wanderlust. Well, I know, I previously told you, that I am not such a big Amsterdam fan, but, hold your horses, this post is not about Amsterdam, it’s about shoes. Yesterday, I have started my pleading  For the love of S.H.O.E.S. (1), today I am back with part (2).

So, I’ve taken my beautiful green shoes and walked from Leidseplein, towards Rijksmuseum, Museumplein and Van Gogh Museum. I had in mind a solitary visit to the latest mentioned.  I’ve stayed inside for two hours, walking and staring at the paintings, not even bothered by the hundreds of tourists, trying to squeeze themselves closer to Van Gogh auto-portraits, in an imaginary, collective wonder: “why did he skizz out?”

Among all the paintings with burning cigarette skeleton, yellow obsession, potatoes eaters and almond tree blossoming, there was one particular painting which fascinated me. The canvas is called “A Pair of Shoes” – a vivid symbol of Van Gogh’s difficult passage through life. According to vangoghmuseum, Vincent bought the shoes at a flea market, intending to use them in a still life. Finding them still a little too smart, however, he wore them on a long and rainy walk. The fact that the shoes were muddy and wet made them more valuable in his eyes and moreover millions of people from around the world since 1886.

Not only that I find so pragmatic the idea of worn out shoes, reflecting the troubles of life, the abundance of experience and the path, the high almighty path that we all travel in our journey, but I can totally relate with Van Gogh. The shoes can tell so much about the owner… To get back to my point (I always tend to deviate from the subject), like I have promised yesterday, I have more pictures with shoes from Kunsthal Rotterdam ‘S.H.O.E.S.Head over Heels’

Don’t forget to check For the love of S.H.O.E.S. (1), there are some gorgeous pair of shoes out there. Enjoy, ladies!

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